Potential partners
Ideas and Tools for Recruiting Community Partners
  • Benefits of participating in the study
  1. Opportunities for adults to listen and show caring for youth
  2. Better understanding of youth assets and risks in your community
  3. Better understanding of the impact of youth programs on youth
  4. Experience in conducting research with youth
  5. Opportunity to focus community on positive youth development
  6. Creating a first step toward a youth-adult dialogue on healthy development
Ideas and Tools for Recruiting Youth to the Study
  • Benefits of participating in the study
  1. Opportunity to tell about yourself to adults in the community...and beyond
  2. Thinking about issues important to you
  3. Contributing to your community's awareness of youth issues and experiences
  • Assurances for the study
  1. ALL data is confidential--no one but the research team at Tufts will see your survey (and they will first give each survey a number, create a participant list for next year's call-backs, then separate the name-sheet and response-sheets)
  2. Youth names will not be associated with reports of the study--either general conclusions or specific questions
  3. Youth may withdraw from the study at any time
  4. The study is a survey of ideas and experiences, not a test